Website : The communication vehicle for companies

16 Apr 2023

Websites have become an essential means of communication for companies, the first line of defense in presenting a professional image accessible to all. They also make a major contribution to promoting the company’s products and services.

In a world where most consumers use the Internet to find business information and make online purchases, it’s more important than ever for companies to have a high-performance, effective website.

What type of website for your company?

There are many different types of business website, each with its own features and objectives.

So how do you choose the type of website that’s right for you, you ask? Here are the most common types. He there’s something for everyone!

Showcase website

A showcase site is a virtual business card that lets you present your company, your brand, your products and services. It allows you to strengthen your company’s online presence and build its brand.

The web user obtains information and can contact you via a contact form or by telephone. However, he cannot buy your

The one page site

A business card site is a simplified version of a showcase site. All information is grouped together on a single page, providing a convenient browsing experience for mobile users.

Although it can be difficult to reference a onepage site due to technical limitations, it can be linked to a Google My Business page to improve local SEO.

In short, the onepage site is an ideal choice if you have a physical store and want to build an online presence without investing in the creation of a custom website, with the main objective of redirecting users to a physical location or a third-party platform.

E-commerce sites

You want to sell on the Internet and extend your geographical reach : an e-commerce site is obviously the type of website you need.

It often includes features such as shopping carts and online payment systems.

Amazon, Alibaba and Jumia are just a few of the e-commerce sites that have built up a loyal customer base using clever web marketing strategies, well-designed advertising campaigns and good SEO. Thanks to this, these sites receive millions of visits every day from regular customers, without even needing a physical store.

Blog sites

Blog sites are regularly updated online journals (let’s face it, you already knew that). This type of website lets you publish content in the form of blog posts.

In terms of content, when it comes to blogging, the world really does belong to you. Hell, there’s even a blog about oysters! . So you can share information about your company, its products and services, and build a relationship with you.

Even if your site isn’t going to be a blog, it’s still a handy extra feature to add interest and authority to your site. Just make sure you commit to keeping it fresh and up to date!

Corporate website

A corporate site is a website designed to enhance the image of an association, political party, etc., by providing information on its values, news, activity reports, financial statements and policies.

The corporate site may contain numerous articles and white papers, but its content will always be focused on the company and its actions.

What’s the point of a website?

Statistics show that three-quarters of Algerians go online at least once a day. Not using a website can mean losing the opportunity to convert that number into customers, which can eventually snowball into bigger problems, affecting your revenues and brand image.


Here are five reasonswhy having a good website is crucial to your business:

Website accessibility

Websites enable companies to be accessible to everyone, 24/7. Customers can access information about the company and its products and services anytime, anywhere.


Professional websites help companies boost their credibility and brand image. They can also help companies differentiate themselves from their competitors.


Websites enable companies to communicate effectively with customers. Blog sites and social media sites can help build an online community and establish links with customers.


E-commerce sites enable companies to sell their products online, which can increase their reach and enable them to reach a wider audience. E-commerce sites can also offer a convenient and efficient shopping experience for customers.

Data analysis

Websites can provide a significant amount of data on customers’ browsing and purchasing habits. This information may be used to improve the company’s marketing strategy and to adjust the products and services offered accordingly.

How do you make your website visible?

There’s no point in having a website just for the sake of it: you need to know what makes it tick. makes a good Web site.

With 1.13 billion websites in the world (yes, you read that right!), you’d be forgiven for thinking that we’re not the first to come up in searches.

How to make your website visible

Responsive Design

Make sure your website is designed to adapt to different screen types: computers, tablets and mobiles.

According to research, 57% of mobile users would not recommend a company if their mobile website was poorly designed.

Web analysis

Use web analytics tools to track customer browsing and purchasing habits. You may use this information to improve the website and develop more effective marketing strategies.

Live chat

Integrate chat into your website. So customers can ask questions and get answers instantly. This can help improve the shopping experience and build a relationship with customers. According to Drift Website chatbot usage up 92% since 2019

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Make sure your website is optimized for search engines. Use relevant keywords and optimized page titles to improve your ranking in search results.

It’ll be worth it


Creating a website is a major investment for any company, whatever its sector of activity. Whether you want to strengthen your online presence, increase sales or simply communicate with your customers, there’s a website for you. Don’t forget that creating a site is one thing, but its visibility and performance are quite another. Adopt an effective strategy to improve online visibility and attract customers.

Ettayssir combines creative talents and digital experts to imagine, design and develop websites that are beautiful, clear and practical.

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