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20 May 2023

In the past, commercials were associated with traditional media such as television, which were widely distributed. Only major brands with substantial budgets could afford quality productions and reach a wide audience.

Today, the target is more important than the mass. Internet advertising is the new royal road for smaller-scale advertising campaigns. But with nearly 2,200 commercials a day, audience fatigue is a major issue to be taken into account for a successful commercial.

With the evolution of digital and new approaches to advertising films, how do you capture the audience’s attention in less than 30 seconds? That’s where we come in: our mission is to understand and master this new paradigm to create successful advertising films. This article will give you an overview of how to make your commercials a success.


Why advertise?

Whether it’s to attract new customers, encourage the act of buying or increase your sales, the advertising spot is a powerful tool. By communicating about a product, an offer or a service, it enables the company to reach a targeted audience directly with a personalized message. Advertising can take many forms, such as promoting a cause, a tourist destination, an event, or even finding a lost cat.

With advertising film, almost anything goes! And the figures speak for themselves: the act of buying is influenced by advertising in 90% of cases. By 2022, video has become a must-have advertising format, with 90% of marketers saying it is an integral part of their marketing strategies(HubSpot). Video ads also generate 66% more qualified leads per year, while 65% of consumers visit the brand’s website after viewing a video ad. Finally, 64% of consumers have already made a purchase after watching a video ad on social networks.


How to make a successful commercial?

In a world where consumers are constantly bombarded by advertising, it’s increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd. Yet a successful commercial can reach your target audience in an effective, moving and memorable way. How do you create advertising that makes an impact? Here are a few tips on how to create a successful commercial.

Less is more: keep it short

less is more - commercial - Ettayssir studio

Commercials are generally short, rarely more than 30 seconds. To have a real impact, the message must be clear, simple and direct. By focusing on a single message and a single marketing argument, you can capture the attention of your target audience more effectively. If you try to say too much, you risk losing the audience’s attention. So it’s essential to get straight to the point.

Use inbound marketing to win over your audience

inbound marketing - commercials - ettayssir

Intrusive advertising has become obsolete. Consumers have learned to ignore them and skip them to access the content they want to see. Today, inbound marketing is in the spotlight: attract your target audience with useful, personalized video content. Before you sell, make your audience want to engage with your brand by producing a relevant and engaging commercial. By gaining your audience’s trust, you can build a lasting, profitable relationship.

Use storytelling to captivate your audience

storytelling - commercials - ettayssir studio

Storytelling is a narrative technique that involves telling a story to capture the attention of your audience. By using this method in your commercial, you can convey a powerful message while entertaining your audience. So instead of trying to sell your product or service directly, tell a story that touches your audience’s emotions. Commercials that tell a story tend to be more memorable and more effective at convincing viewers.

Make your audience feel emotions

emotions - ettayssir studio

Emotions are a powerful weapon in advertising. Images, music and emotional storytelling will touch the heart of your target audience. Move your audience with a memorable commercial: laugh, cry, surprise… make them feel it intensely! The emotions your audience feels play an important role in their purchasing decision. So make sure you touch their hearts!


Advertising spots, a deadly marketing weapon

In conclusion, to create a successful commercial, focus on conciseness, inbound marketing, storytelling and emotion. So, by combining these elements, you can create a powerful and memorable advertising message that will reach your target audience in an effective and emotional way. Don’t forget that the ultimate goal of all advertising is to build trust and create a bond with your target audience.


Demain la Prod

Advertising evolves with the times and new technologies. The role of a global communications agency is to support its customers in their communications. It orchestrates advertising on behalf of advertisers according to their needs and budgets.

With Ettayssir studio de création, you’ll have professionals at the service of your advertising. Our teams will provide you with the assistance you need for your commercial. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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