What impact does a website have on a company?

12 Apr 2022

Selling products or services can be a complex task for a company that doesn’t enjoy a high profile. Creating a website helps to improve this aspect, boosting your visibility and your return on investment.

Improve your company’s image

To make a purchase, web users refer directly to social media, and the absence of a website is perceived as a lack of professionalism and seriousness. In fact, over 56% of web users don’t trust companies that don’t have a website. Thanks to content marketing, your site will be listed among the first on search engines, enabling a wider audience to visit it.

Selling services/products online with E-Commerce

Owning an online store enables you to boost your sales in a very short time, and to expand geographically (nationally and internationally). To perform well, all you need to do is :

  • Present services and products you provide,
  • Complement textual content with professional photos to catch the eye of Internet users,
  • classify services/products to facilitate navigation

Demonstrate your expertise

A website lets you showcase your expertise in the field, through text content, images and videos. Articles, landing pages and product sheets will increase your credibility with web users.

Building customer loyalty

When prospects turn into leads, it’s vital to retain them. Loyalty is built through personalized content, promotional codes and invitations to trade fairs and exhibitions.

Testimonials are also important: don’t hesitate to encourage your customers to share their feedback on the website, as this will reinforce the positive opinion and attract new prospects.

Having a website is essential for any company, as it boosts both visibility and return on investment.

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