Artificial intelligence and digital marketing: what does the future hold?

8 Jan 2023

Artificial intelligence is booming and gaining in power. If all sectors are impacted and shaken up by the arrival of artificial intelligence, digital marketing is particularly so.

According to Statistathe future of Digital Marketing and Artificial Intelligence is set to snowball in the coming years, with revenues exceeding half a million dollars by mid-2023.

But how is artificial intelligence revolutionizing the digital marketing paradigm? that’s what we’re going to look at in this article.


What is artificial intelligence?


When you visualize what artificial intelligence “looks like”, you can imagine a synthetic consciousness created by humans, as shown in science-fiction films such as V.I.K.I in Will Smith’s I, Robot (2004).

Outside the realm of science fiction, artificial intelligence, more commonly known as “AI” is simply a technological advance. It involves the creation of systems that simulate the human ability to reason, make decisions and solve problems.


How is artificial intelligence transforming digital marketing scenarios?

Digital marketers are striving to take advantage of AI for strategic planning and marketing campaign decision-making. Most of them have found artificial intelligence useful, improving their productivity and reducing their efforts.

You can collect information at your fingertips with the help of AI. Where to find an audience? How do you interact with them? What to send them? How to send them? When is the right time to connect? All these answers can be found in AI-powered digital marketing platforms.

A – Targeted marketing

Persuading your prospects is an important part of target marketing. But how do you persuade people who don’t know you? With the help of AI, The first breakthroughs came thanks to companies like Google and Facebook with their advertising platforms.

AI helps companies analyze huge volumes of data and predict each customer’s buying behavior. This allows you to effectively carry out targeted marketing efforts to a well-defined audience.

As a result, it helps boost consumer satisfaction levels.

B – Content marketing based on artificial intelligence

The rise of social media marketing and our growing appetite for online content have made content marketing the dominant form in many sectors.

To generate this content in the past, we tried to find creative formulas that would leave a lasting impression on people’s minds. Now, AI helps by providing predictions on topics likely to attract traffic.

Taking AI a step further can make content recommendations to customers based on their previous purchases, browsing interests and demographic data. In this case, the AI can distribute content designed to differentiate your product or service from those of competitors.

For example, if the AI detects that the customer is comparing products or services, it can target them with promotions inviting them to “act now” to take advantage of a limited-time offer.

C – AI-based customer relationship management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an essential function to master, as it adapts to a customer-centric approach by filtering valid information and maximizing the collection of user information.

Combining CRM and artificial intelligence will help you :

  • Gain real-time insights into how customers interact across the wide range of digital channels. So reduce the risk to “unsubscribe”.
  • More accurately forecast sales in all the markets in which they operate, which means that inventories and resources can be allocated more efficiently.
  • Using chatbots to deliver knowledge via automated workflows. This can segment incoming customer requests, meaning that those who need a quick response can be attended to urgently, to minimize dissatisfaction.
  • Analyze and maintain data quality in the CRM system, identifying customer records, errors or duplicates that may exist.

D – Identify micro-influencers :

Influencers are another big trend in digital marketing right now. AI algorithms are already being used to ensure that the personalities most likely to interest you appear in your social feeds.

Advertisers are also using artificial intelligence to identify lesser-known influencers to mingle with their brands and audiences. This has led to the emergence of “micro-influencers” – usually ordinary people, who have specialized knowledge that they have used to create a niche audience that cares about their opinion.

AI now enables you to find the right micro-influencers with the right audiences, across a wide range of niches and audience segments. To give you an example, AI helps to establish when it makes sense to pay 10. 000 DA to 100 people to talk about your products, rather than paying 10,00,000 DA to a celebrity.

Again, this is about creating effectiveness by following the data, rather than simply doing what a marketer thinks or believes is the best plan.

E – Personalized and automated marketing :

Would you like to automate your digital marketing while keeping it highly personalized? You certainly can. As AI develops, algorithms are able to understand people’s behavior on social media and therefore serve them the most engaging content.

AI technology can help marketers in :

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, display advertising : by analyzing user information (such as age, gender, interests, location). The AI shows it to the audience most likely to be interested. This translates into a better return on investment (ROI) for advertising.

Search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO) : according to HubSpot search engines use artificial intelligence to steer the referencing of a page or website in order to rank them and provide them with organic traffic.


Some artificial intelligence tools designed for digital marketing :


To integrate artificial intelligence into your Digital Marketing strategy, we’ve selected some of the best AI-based marketing tools. Each tool belongs to a specific segment of digital marketing.

  • Writesonic : creates SEO-optimized content for blogs, Facebook ads, Google ads and Shopify.
  • Generate conversion-focused ads and posts for social networks in seconds.
  • Descript : creates audio editing and subtitling.
  • ChatGPT Writer: generates e-mails or replies based on a few keywords.
  • : design and and 3D modeling tool
  • Zapier : task automation
  • Albert AI : analyzes marketing campaigns
  • Chatfuel: a chatbot to engage customers in authentic conversations
  • LOOK : logo design
  • Influence : a tool for evaluating and contacting influencers and tracking their effectiveness.
  • Browse AI : extract and monitor data from any website.



You’ve got it! Artificial intelligence has already changed the way brands communicate with their audiences and the way marketing campaigns are managed. The current state of digital marketing is all about refinement, analysis and extraction.

Agencies and brands need to focus on who they are and how they differ from their competitors. The first to exploit it will win the game!

Master AI and it will become yours SONNY (a nod to fans of I, Robot ????).

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