Marketing and communication agency in Algeria: definition, services and advantages

28 Nov 2022

Defining a communications agency, understanding services it offers and advantages of a communications agency are all covered in this article. The terms “communication agency”, “marketing agency” and “advertising agency” often describe a company offering communications and marketing services, but what is the true definition of a communications agency, and what services can it offer? Find out the answers to these questions in our detailed article.

Communications and marketing agency in Algeria: discover local expertise

Communications agency in Algeria - Ettayssir

Algeria boasts thousands of communications agencies of all sizes, spread across the country.

Communication agencies are companies that specialize in helping their customers to be understood and get their commercial message across. They are dedicated to promoting their customers’ services, identity and products.

As experts in understanding communication needs of their clients, communication agencies translate these needs into concrete strategies for reaching the intended target, as well as managing relations with them. They are considered to be the “heroes” of professionals, effectively managing their communication.

Today, with the evolution of the communications field, there are two main types of agency in Algeria: global communications agencies and specialized communications agencies. The former, also known as 360° agencies, cover both internal and external communications and marketing. The latter, depending on the skills of their staff, can specialize in a single branch, such as digital marketing, print advertising or web communications.


Communications agencies’ services

Global communication agencies in Algeria - Ettayssir Studio de Création

As a global communications agency, we can tell you all about the services we offer. Communication services can be grouped into two main categories: traditional communication and digital communication.

1. Classic communication services

Classic communication services - Communications agency in Algeria - Ettayssir

Communication strategy and strategic consulting

Consultancy must precede any communications action, and every agency must provide it to its clients. Setting up aninternal and external communications strategymust be done before starting anything in the communications field. Implementation of the strategy must define the communication actions to be undertaken. The strategy must be adapted to your target audience. The strategy must evolve as the audience and the strategy evolve.

Graphic design

A logo and graphic charter must be created before any communication medium is produced. Graphic design, with all its branches (2D, 3D, motion design, web design…), is part of the daily routine of every communications agency.

Commercials (video ads)

Whether it’s advertising spots on local TV channels or radio stations, communications agencies take care of the production of the spot and its broadcast on selected media.

Production of printed materials

In line with the company’s graphic charter and visual identity, communication also involves print media.printed materialssuch as flyers, business cards, brochures, etc. It can also be displayed on dedicated panels or on buildings.

2. Digital services from a communications company

Digital communication services - 360° agency in Algeria - Ettayssir

Social media management

With technological advances in the field of communication and information exchange, digital communication enables companies to reach a wider audience via an optimal presence on social networks(Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn…). Communications agencies offer content marketing, social media management and optimization services.

Website design and SEO

A flagship service of modern communications agencies, it gives companies and professionals in a wide range of sectors a presence on the web. Websites offer a range of features to suit every company’s business. Whatever its purpose, every site must have a unique design in keeping with thecompany’s identity.

Another service linked to website creation issearch engine optimization (or SEO ), enabling you to have a website that ranks well in Google search results.

Classic and digital marketing

Hiring a marketing director is expensive, especially if he or she masters digital marketing as well as traditional marketing. Communication firms like ours offer in-bound and out-bound services. Marketing services allows you to optimize your sales and increase your turnover.

3. Other services

Communications firms such as Ettayssir Studio de Création offer more services closely related to communication, such as :

Advantages of hiring a communications agency in Algeria

Advantages - Ettayssir Studio de Création

As you can see, a global communications agency will provide you with experts in :

  • You won’t need to hire more than six (6) different profiles to manage your communication,
  • You won’t have to waste time drawing up a communication strategy, especially if it’s not your area of expertise. “Time is money”, keep that in mind,
  • Have a single point of contact instead of 5 free-lancers managing different tasks,
  • Get an outside, objective view of your brand image to ensure your communications are effective,
  • Put experts who know the Algerian market to work for you.


As experts in communications, global communications firms, or 360° agencies, are an important ally for any professional wishing to promote his or her business. Thanks to these experts and a wide range of services, you can be 100% sure that you’ll get the visibility you want, and reach the right people with the right communication media.

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