Why include video in your digital content?

16 May 2022

Content is diversifying thanks to a variety of communication media: articles, photos, 2D design, and video, which has become an important marketing tool with many advantages.

Video in figures

Video has become a major element of Internet marketing strategy. It increases traffic, generates leads and leads to more sales conversions. According to Hubspot, Facebook users watch 100 million hours of video every day, and videos are viewed by an average of over 73% of the total population every month.

What style of video should you use?

The type of video we produce depends on our creativity, motion design, 3D animation, stop-motion and many other additional elements. There are many formats to choose from, allowing you to vary styles and be original. Think about the tone of your video (documentary, explanatory, informative or humorous).

Video promotes understanding

Video is an effortless way to discover and learn in just a few minutes. Internet users consider it useful, even indispensable, because it helps them to remember information better. As you can see, video is the most widely shared content, and the quickest to consume.

To make it easier to share your videos, don’t forget to add share buttons. This will boost your engagement and consolidate your reputation.

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