End-of-year gifts: 12 original ideas to make a lasting impression

17 Oct 2022

End-of-year gifts are a sign of thanks to :

  • your customers,
  • your employees,
  • your business partners…

In short, all those who have placed their trust in you during a whole year’s work.

These gifts need to be unique and personalized to make a lasting impression, and in this article we’re going to give you 12 gift ideas that will anchor you in the memory of their recipients.


End-of-year gift - personalized clock

“Time is money! A personalized clock with your company’s logo will symbolize the importance of the time you spend working with your customer. It can also symbolize the importance of the time your employees give to your company, every day of every month.

Prestige pen set

End-of-year gift - prestige pen set

Who wouldn’t want to have a pen bearing their name in their hand? Pen sets are among the most prestigious end-of-year gifts you can give, especially when it comes to our major customers and team leaders. You can add a touch of personalization, by inscribing the recipient’s initials with a UV print or engraving.

Power Bank

End-of-year gift - powerbank

Everyone has a smartphone today, and everyone suffers from the problem of recharging, especially when you’re connected all day for personal and professional reasons. Offer customized Power Banks and take the hassle out of charging your smartphones.

Personalized mug

End-of-year gifts - mug

Offering high-quality, personalized mugs and cups will help you keep your customers’ attention. You can also inscribe a motivational message, a quote or any other inscription that makes them unique.


End-of-year gifts - umbrella

Winter is upon us, and with it the rain and cold, so imagine people wearing your logo high up in the street. Now, stop imagining and think about offering personalized umbrellas to your staff and loved ones, it will surely help you increase your brand awareness.

Isothermal bag

End-of-year gifts - isothermal bag

The ideal gift for your employees. Give them a way to bring their meals from home and keep them warm on the way to the office.


End-of-year gifts - notebook

Notebooks are used on a daily basis in all companies and institutions. Having a personalized notebook at hand will give employees a sense of belonging to the company, improving their state of mind, and potentially their productivity.

Desk set

End-of-year gifts - desk set

Office set can be composed of several parts:

  • blotter,
  • pen holder,
  • compartment for your notes,
  • cell phone holder,
  • easel,
  • business card holders,
  • coasters,
  • briefcase,
  • personalized name tag…

And the whole thing can be personalized with your company’s image if it’s to be given to employees as end-of-year gifts.


End of year gifts - bag

Whether it’s for the office or a meeting with a client, your employees need to carry their laptops, notebooks and other belongings. Thanks to a personalized bag bearing your company’s image, your employees will carry your company’s reputation on their backs.

Flash drive (USB drive)

End-of-year gifts - personalized flash drive

Looking for a low-cost, high-impact personalized gift? Go for personalized USB flash drives! As businesses become increasingly digital, personalized storage media are becoming a powerful advertising tool. Even if a customer forgets it, it doesn’t matter – they’ll have your visual identity right in front of them!

Pen holder

Help your staff, customers and suppliers keep their desks organized by offering them a pen holder customized with your logo.

Personalized gift boxes

End-of-year gifts - gift boxes

Personalized gift box represents a fantastic opportunity to build loyalty among your target audience. This original corporate gift will delight and have a major impact on your relationship with your customers, employees, prospects or partners. With a personalized gift box, the surprise effect is guaranteed!

Put people back at the heart of your marketing strategy with these personalized gift boxes.


End-of-year gifts are an investment in people. They send the message that your relationship with your customers, employees and partners deserves to be rewarded. And that you want to maintain good relations with them.

It’s time to take action! Don’t hesitate to contact us to help you choose and design your personalized gifts before the end of the year.

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