Classical communication: sales brochure

19 Jun 2022

Sales brochure is a communication medium that presents a company’s various services. Its aim is to optimize sales and promote services.

It’s all in the detail

A sales brochure represents the company’s image, so it’s imperative to think about all the details: the textual and graphic content, the format of the medium (leaflet, brochure), the type of paper (matte, glossy, etc.). This communication medium must be visually appealing, and to this end comes the role of the graphic designer, who will create an original graphic design that respects the company’s graphic charter (logo, font and color codes).

Develop a writing plan

The content of the brochure should provide information on the company’s activities, services and strengths. The content must be simple and understandable, and it’s important to use a catchphrase and keywords to grab the reader’s attention.

Choosing the right printer

Commercial brochure printing must be carried out by a professional printer, who has the necessary equipment to ensure quality results.

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